Friday, March 5, 2010

Book 12

hello...welcome to Book 12

Sally E-H.

Apparently it's "Sings just for the band." I always thought it was "seamstress for the band" which makes sense because it's Elton John.

Let your enormous, hairy thighs keep you warm!

Rob C.

They are very articulate about their inability to get it together.

Otters are not people.

Computer analysts are extremely charismatic people.

Many things suck. Paris Hilton sucks. Therefore all things are sucked by Paris Hilton.

Casey D.

I only remember one day in sixth grade and a little bit of yesterday!


A girl falls in love with a vampire and he falls in love with her. He's gorgeous. He's romantic. He does everything right and the right speed to make a relationship. Then they go on great adventures. So, aside from the fac that he's a vampire, it's total fiction.

I wish real people would like me.

No one should ever see their teacher's falsies.

I think I have a letter E up my nose.

I'm so tired everything smells like lilacs.

The vampires you sent were delicious!

Tonight the role of coffee will be played by Pepsi


"Hey there, Sassy!" Me. "Quatch?" Kylie

Emily H.

I don't have hepatitis, I'm just clean! (Moscow water is often quite yellow).

I really should be doing laundry right now--not going to the mall. I hate myself! I hate myself!!

Daniel M.

Leader I will not be.

Once you stop caring about stuff it gets a whole lot easier.

Ben S.

It just proves how much God loves you and isn't really worried about the rest of us.

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