Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Book 11

Book 11

Terry C.

The sun never sets on badass!

I made THIS!!

Ed B.

I've got brain freeze!! I've forgotten the protocol for drinking a slushy!

Kylie J.

Where did you grow up--backwards emphasis land?

I don't want to have to corral my bazongas into a stupidass orange halter top!!

Beer and Jesus, they go hand in hand.

I'll just imagine I'm wallpaper.

Not only am I old, but I'm cheap too!

I can be sad that a mime died!!

"Admit it, you love being in Maaike-land!" Me. "Yes, it's just like Disneyland...if Disneyland was in a psych ward!" Kylie.

Daniel, the other white friend.


This is ranking very high on the seven levels of suck.

I guess it's true what they say, unlucky in love, lucky in gluesticks.

I'm a bunny with a swingset!

Espresso tastes like Hanukkah!

Randy D.

I personally believe that the first few centuries of the afterlife will be spent in deep and intensive therapy to help us get over the trauma of life. I just hope my insurance covers it.

Sally E-H.

Bless his cranky, anal, uncommunicative heart!

Fascists come in all different flavors.

Emily H.

We've got a 'so-what' factor.

Rose K.

The only scientific thing about ti was that they were scientists.

Subtext will bite you in the ass every time.

I will not be satiated by your placebo, you heartless bitch!

David E-H.

He has written what is technically known as a butt-load of plays.

Elizabeth S.

Heathen, mouth-breathing, unwashed freshmen!

Daniel M.

How'd you make the squirrel mad?

You'll probably like it too, because it has to do with poo.

The campus looks so different when you're not staring at the ground.

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