Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Book 2

Book 2 is lacking in dates as well. Here goes:

"There's nothing worse than having to clean up your own guts." Dez D.

"I can't come to work today because I have a knife in my head." --Elizabeth S.

"I'm not a nutritionist! For breakfast I had two tacos, a Mountain Dew and a hamburger!" Andi

"Don't make an ass of yourself every chance you get!" Elizabeth S.

"I'm not a slut, I'm a people person!" Elizabeth S.

"You're Grumpy, he's Sleepy. I'll be Leave-Me-the-Hell-Alone dwarf." Elizabeth S.

"...because you know how all people who take hostages serve blueberry pie." Emiline H.

"It's natural selection...that's what I think about plagues, wars, and old people." Elizabeth S.

"Like when walking down the street and people smile at me...I smile at them and then I think, 'I hope you get hit by a truck!'." Elizabeth S.

"Nobody wants a Biff-in-the-box!" Michelle D.

"I don't want to turn into a sucking void of 'give-me's'!" Christina C.

"Everyone loves mass-produced, cream filled pastries!" Doug O.

"Dad made me some nunchucks!" Doug O.

"I don't care about fruit leather!" Aubrey L-Y.

"It was not my bugs!" Ericka B.

"I experince fugitive revelations." Richard C.

"Everybody is somebody's Weirdo." Rick F.

"The toilet's flooded." Me. "It doesn't want to take anymore crap." Aubrey L-Y.

"Dude, you got a twinkie on your back...Hey! I got a ho-ho!" Aubrey L-Y.

"Guess what I'm thinking." Stoner Boy. "Absolutely nothing." Ericka B.

"I was wondering if your cheerfulness is genuine of if you go home and sob in your pillow." Louis P.

"The title of the class is 'Scanning Probe Microscopy.' It makes me kind of blush."

"In the swirling darkness, I am your voice of sanity." Amy S.

"If he's going to pursue, let him pursue. If he doesn't then chalk it up to free food." Amy S.

"Aubrey, you're a nut." Me. "At least I'm something." Aubrey L-Y.

"I have to tell you something." Me. "Is it about the vampire." Michelle D.

"We did that once and I looked like a big walking fly swatter." Aubrey L-Y.

"For the love of God be useful!" Elizabeth S.

"One day I hope my children get eaten by rats in their cribs." Elizabeth S.

"Who cares if you have a turban're still butt-ass naked!" Elizabeth S.

"Society demands less of their insane." Me

"Don't learn the rules...then they can't accuse you of breaking them." Mary R.

"My mom won't let me join the mafia." Elizabeth S.

"That is not a Nobel Prize. That is a jar of jelly." Me

"I hate goldfish crackers." Aubrey L-Y "Well, you can just burn in hell." Elizabeth S.

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