Thursday, February 25, 2010

Book 9

Daniel M.

I didn't lock my doors because the people in Ellensburg are my homeboys.

"If I die you can have all my stuff." Me. "Can I sell the Buffy books on e-bay?" Dan M.

"There are times in life when you realize you're not as high up on the Grand Nerd Scales as you thought." Me. "Yet, I wish I was." Dan M.

Do bad guys eat Pop Tarts? 'Cuz I really like Pop Tarts.

Dennis W.

The seemingly innocent can also be guilty.

Excuse me for speaking so frankly, I'm often misquoted.

Ginger R.

"Then I'd have an Ida-Ho!" Ginger. "And you're not a Ho." Me. "Not anymore, anyway." Ginger.

I resisted Gypsy's attempts to claim the chicken.

Jesse B.

Chivalry isn't dead, it's just mistaken for buffoonery.

"That was sort of a Yoda sigh." Me. "Yes, it was full of the angst of a thousand years." Jesse B.

Ben S.

I can't be opening and closing folders all day.

Kylie J.

There probably are a lot of pig tailors around because if they just wore regular pants they'd be too long.

Not that we don't have a cause, just not a very good cause.

David E-H.

Damn you, my love!


I don't want anyone else thinking they're fabulous, when actually it's me.

Welcome ta Sunday School, ye bastards!!

James is only interested in what people have to say if he's the one talking.

Bad guys eat Fruit Loops!!

Rob C.

The Abydos Passion Play ran for two thousand years. It kicks Andrew Lloyd Weber's ass!

I will be talking about decorum to the point that you will wish to slap me on the head--but thou shalt not!

It's a particularly pernicious thing, imperialism.

National Day of a Dull Sense of Panic.

I reserve the right to be in this shitty mood without explaining why.

Matt S.

That's a 'pants on fire' situation.

I didn't know that, yes I did.

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