Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Book 6

Here is book 6

David E-H

Hit the deck! That ham sandwich is gonna blow!!

Hornby would make the argument...and since he's not here, I'll do it for him...


Mango laundry soap? How do you not eat your clothes!

"Take this pizza with you." Ginger. "I really hate cold pizza" Me. "What about your roommates?" Ginger. "I hate them, too." Me.

The sound of shaken fairies.

I wish I had a mind that thought is lines instead of swirlyques.

I'm debating whether or not to keep Petey's legs.

Kylie J.

Plastic ass can? What? Is it a chair? Like a bucket seat?

"I don't want to be a hippogryph!" Teddy "Too much Harry Potter, not enough church." Kylie

Rob C.

If you'll look here I think you'll see that there is some suspicious leotard action going on.

In honor of 'Intimate Apparel' I am wearing lace undies.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I hope that really happens.

I know, you think I'm's in my nature.

Isn't there a sort of disconnect between your passion to destroy a country and your inability to find it on a map?

We were all on Prozac that semester...and some of us never got off.

So, we killed him. But that's not important and I want you to forget that fact.

Don't take this the wrong way, but, you sick bitch!

Paul K.

"Nellie is now the director. I am the female actor." Paul. "You'll have to shave." Nellie. "No. Russian." Paul

Confucius is a silly head.

Here's a far-fetched...and really bad idea.

Ginger R.

I trump you! I'm in line to die!

If a disaster comes, I'm gonna eat my dog.

"The bathroom smells like a wet poodle!" Me. "A DEAD wet poodle!" Ginger

Don't come to my house!!

Amy S.

Don't admire my sacrilege!

Do I have something on my philtrum? Do I have a philtrum?

Stephen H.

This is a rock? Where do we commonly find rocks?

A sturdy dirt clod and a soft rock are pretty much the same thing.

Landslides, and the prevention thereof.

What happened and how do they feel? In geology no one cares how they feel. The fact that they're there is incidental.

"A university course in stealing and thievery...that would be cool." Me. "Well, the UI does have the college of Law." Stephen

I'm allergic to myself and I can't stand to be confined like that!

Elizabeth S.

Crap on a stick!

They're about as similar as bananas and cheese.

Ben S.

Moths are butterflies ugly cousins. Ben. "Yeah, but do your ugly cousins eat your clothes?" Jade. "Well, yea." Ben.

Every time she kills me I get dead!

What does the acronym ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTARIANISM stand for?

"People like me. I don't know why." Me. "I can name several're fun...well, that's about it." Ben

Jade S. one likes you.

I'm paying attention...I'm just not smart.

Daniel M.

Ted Nugent talks that way even when buying socks.

Sherri D.

"We just get worried when we can't get a hold of you." Chris. "Did you think I was dead in the back yard?" Mom. "No, Albert checked the back yard." Sherri.

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