Thursday, February 11, 2010

Book 5

Book 5

Amy S.

"How are you?" Jana. "I'm doing great!" Amy. "That's fabulous." Jana. "Yes, I thought so." Amy

All I want is a big burly man to sweep me off my feet, tell me I'm wonderful, and that if anyone bothers me they will be tortured and stepped on! That's all I want!

If I were a normal person I'd have children by now.

I guess what I really need is a husband. Or maybe a cherry cordial.

Rob C.

I am not doing this to suggest that I am evil and draconian...but I am.

It is in the nature of all human beings to corrupt themselves.

Things can be jejune annually.

We always need enemies to define ourselves.

The wealthier you were the more hair you could afford to buy.

I took a knife and stabbed him into jam.

No actors in ant costumes, there had to be actual ants on the stage.

As an interesting side note...well, I don't know if it's interesting but it is a side note so bear with me.

Speaking French prods my groin.

Have you ever heard the song "Mad Dogs and Englishmen Go Out in the Sun"? No? You should really put it on your ipod shuffle.

Teddy J.

Maaike sure likes to laugh. But I guess she's just made that way.

I can hear your brain saying, "dork."

Elizabeth S.

If it's an imaginary number why do I have to learn it?

An Egyptian palace...with a bowling alley!

Hello my stupid Canadian friend. Come over for a game of Whale Blubber!

In New Mexico they're not quite right...but they're alive.

Kid at the Mall

Dad, look at all the ho's!


Big Hats on Wheels: the Musical.

They didn't have a gong so they hit an ox.


I should go back to the English department where I feel superior.

I wish I were a 5'9" plastic black woman.

Get over it? That's your medical advice: get over it?

Aubrey L-Y

Watch out, she'll get her little Mormon buddies and they'll take you out for juice and chicken!


I know mangoes!

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