Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Book 4

Book 4 starts using dates, but I like how I did Book 3 so I'm continuing that way:

Ginger R:

I'm living on the edge! I almost ate a cookie!!

He raised show chickens.


I get nervous around girls! I spell my name backwards around them!


Mine's a poo poo dictionary.

The Turretic Detective.

Ergo...dirt stop.

Who was that crazy bastard?

David E-H:

Testosterone-based biases.

Rob C:

Despite the books, the learning', my world remains in utter chaos.

People like nothing better than to be connected to the Greeks. I don't know why.

All these words sitting around! We might as well use them!!

In the concourse of the the fabric of the play...Just in the play, ok!

There was no such thing as frequent flyer miles int he Elizabethan period.

It's not xenophobia, it's a healthy suspicion.

I've learned my history in a shamelessly anglicized way.

The first think you do is hire a French kick-boxer to exact your revenge.

Let me use the phrase again: comprehensive exam. And, by definition, that means a long time ago.

"No one's gonna make fun of you--you write the grades!" Brian. "It's never stopped you before." Rob

"Yeah, but your map was in Spanish." Rob C. "That's because it was of Spain." James C.

I love you all dearly, but you're really getting on my nerves.

Actually, nothin in my life has ever been my fault. It's rather ironic. And it's passed on through my genes. The other day I heard a plate break in the kitchen and although all three of my sons were in there, it was nobody's fault.

Louis P:

You're a fantastic woman! Ff you weren't here, you'd have to be invented!

Pinkos forever!!

Nathan T:

So, when are you going to find a dirty, little Asian slave boy to settle down with?

Randy D:

If she calls herself the Mistress of All Evil, I don't think she's interested in being happy.

Paul K:

He had a big nose and he hit people with a stick...what more do you need?

We're craving truth!

Anything that can be hung upon must be clown-bearing.

Jeff D:

Oh look! Something fall from sky! I take picture!


Chivalry isn't's just at a Gothic Gay nightclub.

Jessie B.

Mom, I'm sure glad you managed to have enough nipples for all of us.

Christina C.

It's like Ebonics...only it's Mormonics.

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